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  • Do you know how to align your teams’ strengths to build on each other’s ideas?
  • Can your team rapidly identify and implement solutions to problems?
  • Does everyone on your team feel they have an equal voice?
  • How do your products and services address the needs of your users?
  • Does your team know how to measure success and pivot when necessary?

We will facilitate customized, interactive sessions in these topics and others for your organization.

Contact us today with your greatest challenge for a complimentary assessment of your company culture and how you can benefit from our facilitation.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy should start long before adulthood. Using interactive exercises, we teach the building blocks to youth:


  • Opening a bank account, how does a debit card work and who has access to your money
  • What to do with your first paycheck and why saving is important
  • Budgeting with goals in mind
  • How to establish credit and understanding credit cards
  • Why you need to save for retirement when you’re a teenager and the power of compound interest
  • Understanding required payroll deductions 
  • How to finance college 

Coaching in Sustainable
Fundraising for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are a vital component for a robust community. We coach nonprofits to adopt best practices in sustainable fundraising. When nonprofits are confident in future funding, they build community as they expand services which usually requires job creation and they become economic drivers to local economies. Our coaching will help with:


  • Development of donor-focused fundraising initiatives, individual giving programs, and planned giving strategies
  • Investment stewardship assessment and guidance (free Investment Policy Statement template below)

College and Career Prep

Picking the right career and college or trade school has always been tricky. Given current events, it’s even more so now. The best career prep begins long before looking at colleges, vocational schools, or financial aid packages. Did you know that 80% of college students change their majors at least once which can extend their schooling beyond the traditional 4 years which is costly?


  • Learn how to examine your child’s strengths, weaknesses, skillset, and interests to determine which careers align with their skill set and have the highest potential of being professionally fulfilling.
  • We then help identify which college majors will ensure they are ready for those careers.
  • Set goals for what they need to learn on college visits – what questions to ask, how to assess the culture, what to notice other than what the guide points out, and where to find additional information
  • Concurrently walk you and your child through the maze of scholarships and financial aid offerings

Complimentary Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Does your organization have an IPS?


An IPS is a policies and procedures manual designed to protect an
organization from breaches of fiduciary duty which leads to the mismanagement of institutional funds.

This document has been developed and made available to provide basic guidance to

your Board of Directors, Investment Committee, and key decision makers.